Where Was the Character of The Joker Inspired From?

When we mention the character of Joker, what immediately comes to our mind is a scary picture of him. He is well known as being one of the most petrifying villains among all Batman’s villains. This might come as a shock, but the very first person who ever played the role of Joker and wore his face was actually a hero. Let us delve into the matter to know more. The classic description of the character comprises of having pale features along with his hair of weird green color.


His depiction, as such, given in the comic books, created a set of fear against the clowns in the minds of the young readers surviving on comic books. In addition to that, it is seen that the moment he smiles, which is more like a terrifying grin, he sends along with goosebumps among the audience. This puts forth how disturbed he is from his state of mind. The more shocking thing about him is that the inspiration to his character was derived from Clown Prince of Crime, who has strong opposing characteristics to that of The Joker.

The Clown Prince of Crime is popularly showcased as a reasonable and tender-hearted fellow but not with a good past. However, both of these characters possess a mutual smile, one that is exhausting. For depicting the villain against Batman, another source of inspiration was a silent film named ‘The Man Who Laughs.’ It was actually adapted from the novel crafted by Victor Hugo (famed for his writing of Les Miserables). The Man Who Laughs portrayed the character of Gwynplaine, a young man with a terrible past story of his own.


The backstory to the same remains as Gwynplaine, who is the son of a lord, loses his father being sentenced to death by King James II. Now, with no protection of his father, he comes under the trap of pervert Dr. Hardquannone who is famous for practicing child buying. He corrupts the poor child and leaves a mark of a terrifying grin on his face. But, surprisingly, his torture does not make him go mad, which is quite the opposite to the character of the Joker.

In fact, Gwynplaine goes on to release a blind girl and gains the material benefit for them as he joined a freak show playing the role of Laughing Man. The show is humiliating but later on, depicts the star player falling in love with the blind woman named Dea but chooses to distance himself from her as he does not want her to be with a crack like him. In this way, to a great extent, the character of Joker in terms of looks as well as nature feeds upon Gwynplaine. Are you thrilled with this information?

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