‘Super Robot Wars 30’ battle screen photos of the participating aircraft are released

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released the battle screen of the participating aircraft for the simulation RPG “Super Robot Wars 30,” commemorating the 30th anniversary of the series. At the same time, the game system that will be installed for the first time in this work is also introduced.

This work is scheduled to be released in the first promotional video, “Super Robot Wars 30,” released on July 12. Robots appearing in various animated works gather together and are a common enemy.

This is the latest in a series of crossover works that fight against. “Brave Police J-Decker” in the position now, “supremacy Sakaio”Gaogaigar vs. Betterman,” “Knights & Magic,” and “SSSS.GRIDMAN” will be newly entered, and “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion III Emperor” and “Mazinkaiser INFINITISM” will be added as only the aircraft. In addition, this work is equipped with the first “AUTO Battle” function as a series title for home video game consoles.

The “Tactical Area Select” system, which changes the story development and the procedure for entering the aircraft/character by selecting any point from multiple battlefields, is also prepared as an element unique to this work. In this announcement, images of the main character “Huckebein 30 (Thirty)”, rival machine “Gravalin,” and special participation “SRX” and “Cybuster” were also unveiled. Details of the game system and points of interest that were not released in this announcement will be announced at a later date, so if you are interested, check the follow-up report on the official website of the work and the official Twitter account of the “Super Robot Wars” series (@srw_game). Would you mind trying it?

The release text for “Super Robot Wars 30” is as follows. Outline of work What is “Super Robot Wars 30”? Super Robot Wars is a simulation RPG in which robots appearing in various animations meet together across the boundaries of their works and fight against common enemies. So far, more than 90 titles have been released, and in 2021 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series, expanding the user base not only in Japan but also overseas. And the latest work, “Super Robot Wars 30,” is the 30th-anniversary work of the series, “King of Braves-Gaogaigar vs. Betterman-,” “Brave Police J-Decker,” “Knights & Magic,” “Mazinkaiser INFINITISM,” “SSSS.

“GRIDMAN” is newly released. We have renewed the world view so that even those who have never played the series can enjoy it, and it is also equipped with “AUTO Battle,” which is the first in the Super Robot Wars series for home use. Catch copy After 30 years-Fight, for tomorrow of this star Super Robot Wars 30 Participation work Super Electromagnetic Robocon Butler V Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Ζ Gundam Ζ-MSV Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack M-MSV Mobile Suit V Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam NT Heavy Fighter El Gaim Brave Police J-Decker Brave King Gaogaigar FINAL Hakaiou Gaogaigar vs. Betterman Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion III Change !!) Getter Robo World’s Last Day Movie version Mazinger Z / INFINITY Majin Kaiser INFINITISM Magic Knight Ray Earth Gun x Sword Galaxy Machine Attack Corps Majestic Prince Knights & Magic SSSS.GRIDMAN Super Robot Wars Series New Participation Work Works that only the aircraft participates Selling points Many popular robot animations join in the war “King of Braves-Gaogaigar vs. Betterman-,” “Brave Police J-Decker,” “Knights & Magic,” “Majin Kaiser INFINITISM,” “SSSS.

“GRIDMAN” first appeared in the series. And in the Super Robot Wars series for home use, there are many such as “Galaxy Machine Attack Corps Majestic Prince,” “Code Geass Revival Lelouch,” “Heavy Metal L-Gaim,” and “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam,” which have been participating for a long time. Robot animation will appear.

Beautiful battle animation of robots The battle scenes of robots are expressed with high-quality graphics and powerful spirit. In addition, the cut-in graphics and effects of robots and characters have become even more detailed. In addition, we have prepared many movie cut-in animations in the battle scenes that were well received in the previous work—equipped with a new system that is easier to play and has a replay element.

It is equipped with a new system that also has a replay element. For other information, please wait for the follow-up report. Series already-participated work Combat screen photo Work name (friend): Chodenji Robo Con Butler V Aircraft name (friend): Con Butler V Pilot name (friend): Aoi Panther Weapon name (friend): Super electromagnetic yo-yo work name (Enemy): Movie version Mazinger Z / INFINITY Aircraft name (enemy): Blockage T9 pilot name (enemy): Count Blocken Work Name (Friend): Code Geass Resurrection Lelouch Aircraft Name (Friend): Lancelot siN Pilot Name (Friend): Suzaku Kururugi
Weapon Name (Friend): VMS Work Name (Enemy): Code Geass Resurrection Lelouch Aircraft Name (enemy): Batararan Dupilot Name (enemy): Berg Batum Bigger

A humanoid mobile weapon was developed under a plan called the “X-TYPE) Project.” The abbreviation of the project, “XXX,” was replaced with “30,” and the name “Huckebein 30 (Thirty)” was given. Despite being a new model, there are some mysteries, such as evidence of restoration, but the performance is high.

Original protagonist character (male) Edge Sane Claus Design: Sachiko Kono CV: Tomokazu Sugita A young man who became a pilot of Huckebein 30 from the beginning. He has a rough personality and has little attachment to things.

His background is unknown, and he refuses to talk about his past, but it is presumed that he had specialized training in maneuvering mobile weapons. Original protagonist character (female) Az Saint Claus Design: Miho Itoi CV: Mai Aizawa A runaway girl with an unknown background.

A specific incident triggered him to become a pilot of Huckebein 30. Although he rarely works quietly on others, he refuses the person he comes in contact with. Huckebein 30 Battle Screen Photo Machine Name (Friend): Huckebein 30 Pilot Name (Friend): Edge Sane Claus Weapon Name (Friend): Leap Slasher Machine Name (Friend): Huckebein 30 Pilot Name (Friend): As Sane Claus Weapon Name (Friend): Photon Rifle Super Robot Wars 30 Original Enemy Mecha Gravalin Design: Masami Ohari (STUDIO G-1) NEO) A humanoid mobile weapon presumed to have been developed using extraterrestrial technology.

Its shape and ability are supposed to fight against the guns possessed by the earthlings. It exerts overwhelming offensive power to destroy a large number of enemies with a single machine. Super Robot Wars 30 Original enemy character Karl Leum Vaul Design: Shuji Sogabe (FFS) CV: Yu Nakamura, An alien who appears in the one-person mobile weapon Gravlin. His demeanor is graceful and full of self-confidence. He was interested in earth civilization, challenging Edge and Az. Gravlin Battle Screen Photo Aircraft Name (Friend): Gravalin Pilot Name (Friend): Karl Leum Vaul Weapon Name (Friend): Link instructor system introduction “Tactical area select” “Tactical area select” is a new system of this work, and by selecting any point from the battlefield where there are multiple players, story development and aircraft The order in which the characters are obtained will change. You can also earn money and experience points by selecting and playing missions in a specific area.

For more information on Tactical Area Select, please wait for the follow-up report. System introduction (2) “AUTO Battle” Equipped with “AUTO Battle,” the first in “Super Robot Wars” for home use. It is possible to automatically move the aircraft on the map and battle, which is convenient when earning experience points and funds. When you use AUTO Battle, “AUTO” is displayed at the bottom right of the map screen. When using AUTO battle, the thinking type of ally units can also be set individually in the menu called “AUTO type.”

Would you mind waiting for the follow-up report for details on the AUTO battle? Special participation “SRX,” “Cyberstar” [SRX] General-purpose combat one-shot deadly personal trooper that appeared in the “New Super Robot Wars,” “Super Robot Wars α,” “Super Robot Wars OG” series, etc. The primary pilot is Ryusei Date.

A humanoid general-purpose weapon that appeared in the “2nd Super Robot Wars”, “Masoukigami” series, “Super Robot Wars OG” series, etc. Contracted with the Wind Spirit Synonym and has the nickname of “Wind Magic Machine God.” The operator is Masaki Ando. Bonus items Package version early purchase bonus/download version pre-order bonus [Bonus 1] Mission “Soul of Steel” Aircraft: SRX reinforced parts “Striker Scope,” “Defender Arm” can be obtained. [Bonus 2] Mission “Masoukigami” * Aircraft: You can get a buster, reinforced parts “Cyclone Booster,” and “Sky Amulet.” [Bonus 3] Bonus mission “Su Special Starter Pack ” Reinforcement parts:” 30th Military Academy Student ID “, CREDIT: 50,000, PP: 500, MSP: 3,000.

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