Autumn animation “The Night Beyond the Window” Today, July 21st, is the birthday of the main character, Kosuke Triangle!

The TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” is scheduled to be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and others from October 2021.

Today, July 21st (Wednesday) is the birthday of Kosuke Triangle, the main character of this work! An illustration drawn by a birthday celebration anime has been released!

The published illustration is drawn by Yoshitaka Yasuda, the director and character designer of this work. When the ghost teacher, Ritsuto Coldkawa, pulls a cracker, various spirits celebrate the triangle with confetti. The relationship between the two is a smile, as the triangle, which is not good at spirits, is surprised.

Also, on the official anime Twitter (@sankakumado_PR), a campaign to solicit congratulatory comments from fans to Kosuke Triangle will be held from 0:00 on Wednesday, July 21st! From those who posted congratulatory comments along with the hashtag “#Triangle Kosuke Birthday Festival”, 3 people will be selected by lottery to print a congratulatory illustration on colored paper and present it. Please come and join us!

In addition, on the original Kurofune Comics official Twitter (@kurofune_libre), a GIF video that shows the growth from the childhood of the triangle using the illustrations of the comic is released. The video is full of warmth filled with love for the triangle, so don’t miss it!

TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” Triangle Kosuke Birthday Festival Present Campaign
After following the official Twitter of the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window”, a congratulatory message drawn by Mr. Yoshitaka Yasuda was drawn by lottery from those who posted a congratulatory message to the triangle with the hashtag “# Triangle Kosuke Birthday Festival”. We will give you a colored paper with an illustration printed on it!

[Application period]

From 0:00 on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, to 23:59 on Wednesday, July 21, 2021

[Present contents] Shikishi, a festive illustration printed by Mr. Yoshitaka Yasuda

TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” Work Information
A new sensation “Inspirational Entertainment” by the psychic detective buddy TV animation “The Night Beyond the Window” October 2021 Broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and others !!

“My destiny, you.”

The strongest psychic detective buddy in history is born by a ghost master and assistant! Kosuke Triangle, who has a constitution that “sees” eerie things from long ago, discovers his talent by a ghost detective, Rihito Coldkawa, who he meets by chance, and is forced to form a psychic detective combination.

“This is a fateful encounter.”

Himekawa, who is obsessed with the triangle, and Hiekawa, who cannot leave the dangerous cold river alone. What is the truth of “fate” that emerges while solving numerous cases?

The manga “The Night Beyond the Window” by Tomoko Yamashita (published by Kurofune Comics / Libre).
The best-selling comic, which has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 1.7 million, has been made into a TV animation following the live-action movie!

A new sensation “inspirational entertainment” with the triple time of “horror x mystery x buddy love” will open this fall!


Original: Tomoko Yamashita “The Night Beyond the Window” (10 volumes on sale in Kurofune Comics / Libre)
Director / Character Design: Yoshitaka Yasuda
Chief Director: Daiji Iwanaga
Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine
Animation Production: Zerosy
Production: Sankaku Window Project


Kosuke Triangle: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Masato Coldgawa: Wataru Hatano

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