Anime ‘Hiroaka’ Episode 104 Aniori ‘Swimsuit Time’ delights! The author, Kohei Horikoshi, also has an excellent service

On July 17, the 104th episode “Long Time No See, Silky” of the anime “My Hero Academia” (Nippon TV) based on Kohei Horikoshi’s popular comic was broadcast. Although it was an anime original episode that did not exist in the original, the fans were excited because the female characters showed off their swimsuits.

It touches on the latest episode of the anime, “My Hero Academia.”
Ochako Reihi, Baidu Frog, and Twist Hado decide to do an internship at the office of professional hero Ryukyu during the winter vacation. After the welcome party on the first day, the marine accident hero Selkie suddenly requested a team-up. The content was to track smugglers loaded with illegal drugs and triggers.

Upon arriving at the scene, the rainy season blooms in the story of Selkie and Sidekick Sirius, who reunited for the first time in a long time. It seemed that the mission would start at once, but the intern decided to cultivate his spirit on the beach because he expected that the smuggling ship would start moving at night. If you change into a swimsuit, you can enjoy beach volleyball, diving, barbecue, etc., to your heart’s content.

So, this episode where the swimsuits of female characters were unveiled. Ochako is a pink swimsuit with a frill on the bottom. The rainy season is a green and yellow swimsuit reminiscent of a frog, and the big ribbon-like knot on the chest is cute. In addition, the twist was a bright marine blue swimsuit, creating a refreshing summer air.

The original author, Kohei Horikoshi’s bleeding service!
Even in the first episode, “Game Start” of the third term, the swimsuit times were drawn. However, because it was training in the school pool, everyone was wearing a swimsuit. In other words, it is almost the first time that the heroines have unveiled the bikini style in reality.

In the episode of full-blown fan service, on the net, “Swimsuit times, there was only healing! Everyone’s swimsuit is dazzling! What a happy 100% girls-only gathering. I want to go to the Ryukyu office as an intern. I can’t see such a wonderful swimsuit scene at Aniori times. Thank you. “Nah.” “The latest story of Hiroaka, I screamed with a sudden swimsuit” “The rainy season’s swimsuit is cute, and Ochako’s swimsuit is also cute. It was awesome.” There was.

In addition, the original author Kohei Horikoshi posted an illustration on Twitter on the day of the anime broadcast. The heroines’ swimsuits are depicted with overwhelming drawing power, and in addition to receiving more than 170,000 likes, replies are flooding from fans all over the world.

This time, it’s not just Aniori, but it seems to be related to the movie version “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE World Heroes Mission,” scheduled to be released in August. Keep an eye on their activities, which are not only cute but also incredible!

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